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How to Rate Your Beer

We are proud to have an industry-leading initiative for ranking our in-house beers at Old Town Pour House locations: Tap Tracker.

Tap Tracker allows you to keep track of all the ales, porters, IPAs and seasonal specials that you have tried from our beer menus. You are able to rate each drink (out of 5), leave tasting notes for future reference, and share with friends.

How To Rate Your Beer with Tap Tracker

1) Firstly, go to the Old Town Pour House Oak Brook Beer Menu.

How to Rate Your Beer 1 - Tap Tracker Oak Brook

2) Next, Sign Up or log in with Facebook in order to get your personalized beer profile started.

How to Rate Your Beer 2 - Tap Tracker

3) Just a couple of clicks and you will be back to the beer menu screen. Select the style of beer that you are drinking. We'll demonstrate with the Belgian section. Browse through the list of beers until you find your chosen brew. You will see an average rating from all users (useful when looking for new recommended beers), and the option to click 'Rate'.

How to Rate Your Beer 4 - Tap Tracker


4) The Rate screen offers a way to rate your beer from 1 to 5. There is also a section for you to add notes, such as the date you tried it or personal descriptive notes to help you reference the beer in the future. After adding any notes you are able to share your rating with your Facebook friends to keep them up to date on your beer-related adventures. You can toggle this on and off each time you rate your beer.

How to Rate Your Beer 5 - Tap Tracker


5) After completing your rating and tapping 'Rate Beer', you will be taken back to the Beer list, where you will see your personal rating and be able to rate some more!

How to Rate Your Beer 6 - Tap Tracker


And that's it. Test it by ranking one of your favorite beers here.


Bonus Tip: Home Screen Shortcut

Users who access the beer menu page on their mobile devices can select the “add to home” feature to create a bookmark that is hosted on the phone’s home screen. For future ratings, simply click on the bookmarked icon and begin rating, recording, and sharing in no time at all.