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Our Menus

We cook from scratch, offer classic American food with brilliant twists, and bring some Chicago flavor to Oak Brook.



PRETZEL BITES – Bavarian pretzel, Lagunitas IPA gouda cheese sauce   7

FRIED PICKLES – Kosher dill, beer battered, buttermilk herb sauce  7

CHEESE CURDS – White cheddar, cornmeal battered, smoked tomato coulis  7

FIRECRACKER ROLLS – Marinated spicy Cajun chicken, vegetable medley, avocado cream  7



TRUFFLE MAC N CHEESE – Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon, mushroom truffle paste, Parmesan bread crumbs, shaved black truffles  13

BUFFALO SHRIMP – Bleu cheese crumbles, pickled carrots, bleu cheese dressing  15

BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP - Shredded buffalo chicken, bleu cheese cream, housemade giardiniera, corn tortilla chips  12

CRAB FONDUE - Jumbo lump crab, Humboldt Fog goat cheese, chives, garlic herb baguette  14

SMOKED WINGS – Chili rubbed jumbo wings and drummies, BBQ sauce, mustard BBQ sauce  13  GF

CRISPY CALAMARI – Point Judith fried calamari, cornichon tartar sauce, horseradish cocktail sauce  12

WILD MUSHROOM FLATBREAD - Wild mushrooms, chili oil, mozzarella, caramelized onions, goat cheese, baby arugula, lemon truffle oil  12

BBQ CHICKEN FLATBREAD - House smoked BBQ chicken, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, Gouda, red onion, cilantro  12

DUCK CONFIT NACHOS – Pulled duck, pepper jack cheese sauce, pickled jalapeños, smoked tomatoes, red onion, white beans, avocado, micro cilantro, queso fresco, wonton chips  14

SHORT RIB POUTINE – Braised short rib, french fries, cheese curds, short rib gravy, bleu cheese bread crumbs  14

THE WORKS – Tater tots, pepper jack cheese sauce, smoked pork shoulder, blackened chicken, beer battered shrimp, cornmeal beer battered cheese curds, cannellini beans, pickled jalapeño, pico de gallo, sunnyside eggs, ancho sour cream, avocado, micro cilantro ideal for sharing  25

 GF: gluten free



1871 CHILI - Angus steak, pork, chipotle peppers, milk stout, crème fraîche, red onion relish, cornbread muffin  8

CLAM CHOWDER - Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon, oyster crackers, baguette  8


CAESAR - Baby romaine, red leaf, hard boiled eggs, sheep’s milk Parmesan, garlic herb brioche croutons, Caesar dressing  6

WEDGE - Iceberg lettuce, crumbled bleu cheese, house cured bacon lardons, grape tomatoes, garlic herb brioche croutons, bleu cheese dressing  7

HOUSE - Artisanal greens, grape tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, garlic herb brioche croutons, white balsamic vinaigrette  6



POUR HOUSE CHOPPED - Grilled chicken, romaine, iceberg, artisanal greens, applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, bleu cheese crumbles, avocado, sweet herb vinaigrette  13  GF

BBQ CHICKEN - House smoked pulled BBQ chicken, romaine, iceberg, artisanal greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, black beans, roasted corn, jicama, crispy buttermilk onion rings, ranch dressing  14

AHI TUNA - Togarashi spiced seared rare tuna, napa cabbage, romaine, bok choy, bell peppers, black sesame seeds, daikon radish, green onions, mandarin oranges, almonds, cucumbers, crispy wonton strips, sesame ginger vinaigrette  18

STEAK - Grilled skirt steak, baby arugula, frisee, artisanal greens, mint, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, candied hazelnut, red onion, rhubarb poppy seed vinaigrette  18  GF

GF: gluten free



~sandwiches come with olive oil parsley fries or side salad, tacos come with elote salad

FILET MIGNON SLIDERS - Two grilled filet medallions, caramelized onions, horseradish cream, pretzel roll  15

FISH TACOS - Cornmeal beer battered Mahi-Mahi, chipotle coleslaw, pico de gallo, cilantro lime cream, micro cilantro, white corn tortillas  16

SHRIMP TACOS - Crispy shrimp, chili aioli, Asian slaw, sesame ginger vinaigrette, black sesame seeds, Sriracha, white corn tortillas  15

THAI CHICKEN WRAP - Thai chili marinated grilled chicken, bok choy, napa cabbage, romaine, bell peppers, green onions, mandarin oranges, daikon radish, cucumbers, sesame ginger vinaigrette, flour tortilla  13

CAROLINA FRIED CHICKEN - Buttermilk breaded, housemade spicy bread and butter pickles, mustard BBQ sauce, shredded iceberg, brioche bun  13 

DUCK REUBEN - Sliced duck breast, gruyere, apple sauerkraut, honey gastrique, Russian dressing, marble rye  14

GRILLED CHICKEN - Grilled chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, french fry aioli, shredded iceberg, vine-ripened tomato, red onion, avocado jalapeño sauce, Kaiser roll  12

PULLED PORK - Hand-pulled house smoked pork shoulder, housemade BBQ sauce, cider mustard, coleslaw, Kaiser roll  13



~burgers come with olive oil parsley fries or side salad ~ sub turkey burger for $1

SMOKEHOUSE - House smoked bbq pulled pork shoulder, smoked mozzarella, bbq bacon onion relish, crispy buttermilk onion strings, toasted hawaiian bun  16

POUR HOUSE - Aged white cheddar, shredded iceberg, vine-ripened tomato, red onion, dill pickle, toasted brioche bun  13

PEPPERCORN - Peppercorn crusted, bleu cheese, baby arugula, herb sun-dried tomatoes, garlic aioli, toasted onion bun  14

VEGGIE - Farro, red quinoa, black and cannellini bean patty, corn tortilla crusted, vegan dijonese, toasted whole-grain wheat bun  13

SRIRACHA - Habanero jack cheese, pickled jalapeños, Sriracha aioli, shredded iceberg, vine-ripened tomato, red onion, toasted brioche bun  14

BACON CHEESEBURGER - House smoked candied thick cut bacon, aged Vermont white and yellow cheddar cheeses, shredded iceberg, vine-ripened tomato, red onion, toasted brioche bun  16


GF: gluten free



PORK CHOP - 10 ounce bone-in center cut pork chop, potato purée, chipotle maple glaze, cinnamon spiced apples, crispy buttermilk onion rings  21

SHORT RIB - Braised boneless short rib, shrimp grits, bacon tomato jam, crispy pickled fennel, au jus gravy  22

RIGATONI - Italian sausage, roma tomatoes, basil, peas, goat cheese, tomato cream  16

SANTA FE PEPPER - Farro, roasted corn, wild mushrooms, smoked poblano cream sauce, Parmesan breadcrumbs, chili oil, micro cilantro  16

MEATLOAF - Angus beef low country meatloaf, carrots and peas, mashed potatoes, red eye gravy  18

SALMON - Farmed Atlantic salmon, crème fingerlings, braised fennel, oven-dried tomatoes, roasted cipollini onions, grilled asparagus, dill caper butter  21  GF

FISH & CHIPS - Alaskan cod, beer batter, coleslaw, malt vinegar powder, cornichon tartar sauce  15

SMOKED BBQ RIBS - Full rack baby back ribs, housemade BBQ sauce, mascarpone creamed corn, coleslaw, Idaho thick-cut fries  24  GF


GF: gluten free



PEANUT BUTTER SNICKERS PIE - Oreo cookie crust, peanut butter mousse, whipped cream, Snickers pieces, chocolate and caramel sauce  8

BUTTERSCOTCH BREAD PUDDING - Brioche bread, vanilla bean custard, vanilla bean ice cream, butterscotch sauce  8


Prices are for 1.25oz pour (where available), and 2oz pour.

Irish Blends

Black Bush   9, 13.5
Bushmills   8, 12
Bushmills 16yr   18, 27
Jameson   8, 12
Jameson Black   9, 13.5
Red Breast 12yr   15, 22.5
Tullamore Dew   8, 12

Scotch Blends

Chivas Regal 12yr   9, 13.5
Chivas 18yr   19
Dewars White Label   7, 10.5
J&B  7, 10.5
Johnnie Walker Red   7, 10.5
Johnnie Walker Black   8, 12
Johnnie Walker Blue   50
Monkey Shoulder   9, 13.5

Scottish Highland Single Malts

Clynelish 14yr   17   
Dalwhinnie 15yr   19
Glenmorangie 10 yr   14
Oban 14yr   18

Scottish Lowland Single Malts

Auchentoshan Three Wood   18
Glenkinchie 12yr   18

Scottish Speyside Single Malts

Balvenie 12yr   16
Cragganmore 12yr   18
Glenfiddich 12yr   11, 16.5
Glenlivet 12yr   11, 16.5
Macallan 12yr   15
Macallan 18yr   35

Scottish Island Single Malts

Ardberg 10 (Islay)  19
Highland Park 12yr (Orkney)   19
Lagavulin 16yr (Islay)  25
Laphroaig 10yr (Islay)  15
Scapa 16yr (Orkney)   20
Talisker 10yr (Skye)   19


Angel's Envy  16
Baker’s   10, 15
Basil Hayden’s   9, 13.5
Blanton's   17
Buffalo Trace   7, 10.5
Bulleit   9, 13.5
Bulleit 10yr   11, 16.5
Elijah Craig Small Batch   11
Hudson  24
Jim Beam White Label   7, 10.5
Knob Creek   9, 13.5
Maker’s Mark   9, 13.5
Maker’s Mark 46   10, 15
Old Forester  7, 10
Woodford Reserve   11, 16.5
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked   20


Bulleit Rye   10, 15
George Dickel Rye   8, 12
Knob Creek Rye  10, 15
Templeton Rye    15

Tennessee Whiskey

Gentleman Jack  9, 13
George Dickel 8yr   7, 10.5
George Dickel 12yr   8, 12
Jack Daniel's   8, 12
Jack Daniel's Single     9.5, 14

Canadian Whiskey

Canadian Club   7, 10.5
Crown Royal   8, 12
Crown Royal Maple   8, 12
Seagram's 7   7, 10.5
Seagram's VO   8, 12


Courvoisier VS   9, 13.5
Remy Martin VSOP   10, 15


House Wines on Tap

glass, half beaker, full beaker


ESTANCIA PINOT GRIGIO - Monterey, California  9, 13, 26

STEMMARI ROSÉ - Sicily, Italy 9, 13, 26

TANGENT SAUVIGNON BLANC - Edna Valley, California  10, 15, 30 

HESS "SHIRTAIL CREEK" CHARDONNAY - Monterey, California  11, 16, 32



SANTA JULIA RESERVA MALBEC - Mendoza, Argentina  9, 13, 26

THE DREAMING TREE CRUSH BLEND - Geyserville, California  10, 15, 30

VINUM CELLARS PINOT NOIR - Monterey, California  11, 16, 32

MILBRANDT CABERNET SAUVIGNON - Columbia Valley, Washington  12, 18, 36


Sparkling & Champagne

glass, bottle

LAMARCA PROSECCO - Veneto, Italy  10, 38

KORBEL BRUT - Sonoma County, California  12, 46